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Sapphic Erotica Review

Reviewed: 2012-12-11
Quick site rank and complete review of Sapphic Erotica | Categories: Legal Teens, Lesbian

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gold rank
Our Rating: 95/100

Quality of Content: 25/25

Purchase Value: 20/20

Leased/Own Content: 14/15

Update Frequency: 10/10

Content Variety: 9/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 5/5

Originality: 8/10

Navigation: 4/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: yes

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: yes

User Rating For SapphicErotica

User Rating: 74/100 - based on 1776 votes.

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Tour Promises promises over 1592 lesbian photo series, 993 amateur lesbian videos, almost entirely exclusive content and seven updates a week.

My Opinion About SapphicErotica

Sapphic Erotica has long been the most exciting site to find stunning chicks sipping nipples and licking drenched pussies. This site has been around since 2002, but it has been a few years since I dove into the sexy lesbian movies. I have no doubt that the chicks are still as gorgeous and as horny as ever, but I also imagine that a few things must have changed since my last visit in 2004. I can only tell you that I'm damn excited to revisit all the creamy flesh and slick wet pussies.

SapphicErotica is by no means a small site. There are no fewer than 1593 sets of photos and 993 videos and while the site had been maintaining a five-times-a-week updates schedule, these days you get a daily dose of delicious lesbian action. This being said, an update might be a set of photos or a video, although there are usually a few more photosets added than videos. There are some sponsored ads on the members' page and while I could personally do without them, it's easy to see that the links are upsells and not part of the exclusive offering on the site. Most of the content is exclusive, although Bailey, the dude who runs the site, ensures that all members are aware that some of the photo content isn't original.

The layout and design isn't unappealing, but I did feel it could be better looking and better organized. However, navigation is pretty great with all the advanced browsing tools. Quick links take you directly to models, latest updates and the movie index and, if you click the 'search by type' button, you can refine your search to look for videos or photos only, choose between 22 action categories and 11 different locations or find girls with specific types of bodies, breast sizes, pubic hair and hair colour.

You'll find a diary entry section, but this houses more site news than commentary about the models or the actual scenes. Fairly new are the live show sessions. The shows were added on August 28, and since today is August 23 I must assume that the shows were created last year. In any case, don't count on any updates from the diary because it looks like it's been a while. The shows appear to be exclusive and there were eight cute babes online during my visit. Chat is free, but tokens are needed to go private. There are extra sets of photos in this area and you'll also uncover some taped shows that you can view.

The quality of the content is good by any standard. There are three photo sizes to choose from and while the 800x600 photos appear to be the best size for the slides, Zip files contain sharp, well-lit 2000x1333 images. The photography is generally great with plenty of gorgeous angles and close-ups of the titty and pussy licking action. There are generally around 135 pictures in a set, which is a perfect amount in my opinion because this means that the editor uses some discretion in picking and choosing the pictures and as far as I can tell, members end up getting the best from any shoot.

Videos can be anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes long. There are Flash streams and multiple formats you can choose. WMV (4000kbps, 1280x720), iPod/iPhone (964kbps, 640x360) and PSP (664kbps, 480x272) are the best quality and these are full-length video downloads. MPEG (1000kbps, 448x256)is the only option for those who want to download scene clips from the episodes and the quality is still pretty nice. While the quality has improved over the years, don't be surprised when you come across older movies that are more or less standard quality. However, you will at least find the same formats for all videos, or at least for all videos from 2004 to the present.

As I mentioned at the start of this review, Sapphic Erotica has consistently been one of the top lesbian sites for years. It remains full of mostly white hotties enjoying the pleasures of pussy. There are some models of different ethnicities, but mostly the babes are Caucasian. The girls are 18 and 19 year olds for the most part, and they aren't actresses. However, they do put on a good show as they indulge in their passion for sex with other girls their age. One thing I must admit, there are some exceptionally hot tribbing scenes on Sapphic Erotica and while this may be a little soft for some, few can deny that two sexy chicks grinding their wet pussies together can drive a person around the bend! Yum!

Final Verdict

Sapphic Erotica is all about gorgeous girls and anyone who loves teens will love what these chicks are doing! The content is excellent, polished and beautiful. The scenes cross multiple locations and while there is a good amount of soft action, there are plenty of anal toy and fingering scenes along with hard, tight, pussy-fisting moments. Sapphic Erotica remains the perfect site to find sexy nubiles in deliciously naughty lesbian trysts.

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I was a member of SapphicErotica twice in the past and always loved what they had to offer - beautiful babes, hot action, lots of clit sucking, asslicking, fingering and not just dull dildo action. I joined again and used the discount you are offering, thanks a lot :)

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and hence find Megasites are such a bore.

There are at least 3 better Lez sites - AbbyWinters. GirlsOutWest & LittleMutt. Explicit is also a great MF site!

It is unfortunate that Megasites get such high ratings - blame the $$$!

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All the girls are absolutely beautiful. The videos are almost all in very high quality. Jackie is my favourite one, i love you Jackie ^^

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one of the best lesbian sites l have ever seen.....and the pictures of the girls are out of this world

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Great site!!!!! The ladies are sexy and beautiful, but they should show a little more ass and do more ass kissing and sniffing!!!!!!

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Great site and generally wonderful scenes, but it would be nice to see the women lose control a bit more sometimes.

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it was good

2006 Jul 01, 20:28, NJ, USA
I joined the site.. speeds on samples were fast. Once I joined.. it all seemed to slow to a drag. Within HOURS, I requested a cancelation because speeds were terrible across the pond. Admin and Owner Mike refused multiple requests and reasonings for cancelation. I thought they should have been much friendlier. After all, I had only used it a couple hours and only downloaded a few sets. Anyway, I ended up downloading overnights... and cancel went through after 30 days.

2006 Jun 26, 10:11, AL
I absolutely love the ass licking these awesome lesbians's my favorite part and always gets me rock hard!!!

2006 Jun 13, 05:50, Australia
Thought it was a good site overall - really good attention to the erotic aspects. Also liked the fact that many of the girls were unshaven (far too many shaved cunts these days). Also liked the fact that for most sets, there were videos & pics (good quality ones) BUT I also agree with those who complained about the girls being non-english speakers. As a result, to make it more 'marketable' to english speakers, they've turned down the sound, and dubbed it over with typical porn dubbing where the gasps and squeels have nothing to do with the action. If they are foreign, retain the sound, please; even if they speak French or German, I'd prefer to hear them orgasming & being horny in their own language, rather than dubbed sound. And yes, many of them ARE somewhat staged. Not a bad site, though.

2006 Jun 09, 16:03, Brazil
Yes, I would love to be a member, but unfortunately your collecting agent CCbill will not accept my British credit card, based in a UK branch of HSBC. The only reason they give is that my street address is in Brazil. If they think it is good business to refuse to do business with a British citizen. or anyone else living in the world's tenth biggest economy, that's their loss, my loss, and loss of a very keen potential member for you. However, I download everything of yours I can from the free forums on the Internet, and I don't do too badly. I am sorry you seem to have shed my favourite pair - Kimberly and Nicole. If it was their choice to leave, you should have offered them some inducement to stay. They were the very best, very sexiest and sweetest of ladies, and when I find them on other sites I download their pictures and video clips avidly and regret their passing out of your area. Keep up the good work. Keith -

2006 May 19, 04:37, USA
holy shit. wot an ace lesbian sex site. every time i wacth it it makes me wanna cum. make the trailers longer tho, so people can get a better insight to wot th site is like, peace out ma nigga

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This is the best lesbian site around. Pics and videos are clear and large, and orgies are excellent.

2006 Apr 22, 14:32, Canada
Excellent site with good downloadable content. Great exclusive stuff.
While some of the videos are a bit forced(some of the ones that are just bought from other places), alot of it has the feel of women who actually care about each others enjoyment of the scenes. Definitely one of the best lesbian sites I've seen.

2006 Apr 10, 17:46, NC
great lesbian action. excellent quality and crystal clear vivid picture

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by far the best site of this kind in Internet ! Compliments

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This is the best porn site I have ever seen. THe photo quality is excellent, the women are fine, the and the sex hot.

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2006 Mar 20, 15:09, China
dis site is da best

2006 Mar 19, 15:07, US/Nebraska
For those who are looking for a site worth paying for, look no further. Sapphic Erotica is without a doubt worth every cent. Hot beautiful lesbians in action. This site is on my "check daily" list. I've been a member for over a year and still haven't seen all models/material. And with something new nearly everyday keeps me busy!

2006 Mar 18, 23:18, aust
I found this site realy predictable and boring. You've seen one senario, you've seen em all, which is a shame because there are some beautiful girls here that are wasted on the director. 60/100

2006 Mar 18, 19:39, CA
Oh wow. Im a girl and i can truely say that this site turns me on greatly . Everything is seeeexyyyyy heeheeeee.

2006 Mar 05, 23:46, Ky
The content was absolutely massive. The images and video were of unparalled quality and it was obvious that the girls were really enjoying themselves. They were beautiful, plentiful, and downloadable at high speed. Awesome site all around. Best Girl-on-girl content anywhere.

2006 Feb 27, 01:23, Iran
This is a Very best and very delicious Site in the world wide web. I very special thank for this work.

2006 Feb 26, 06:22, Virginia
The site is great. The videos are 1,000 times better than anything I've seen on DVD or VHS. But I wish it was easier to navigate. You either have to start from the front and keep going and going and going… or start from the back and keep going and going and going… God help you if you want to start from the middle. You're likely to die of old age before you get there – but what a divine way to die!

2006 Feb 09, 02:35, md
the best site,

2006 Jan 25, 02:19, BC
Have seen the site and indeed it is the best and I agree with the reviewer ( Matuloo). I also agree with him that some stories to go along with the girls would help. Some of Sapphic girls also appear on another site with soft and sexy lesbian content with real movies. The site has a lot of pictures and 8 free trailers have a look at

2006 Jan 20, 01:08, baku
Lesbians are my life.

2006 Jan 12, 08:36, Iran
The most excellent Lesbian Pictures I have ever seen.

2006 Jan 07, 01:42, UK
Awesome site.
keeps me entertained for hours :P

2006 Jan 04, 18:04, Boston, MA
None of the girls speak English!! What a crock. Thanks for telling us ahead of time. Who knows where these girls are from. I won't be back and can't recommend it because of this inaccuracy.

2006 Jan 02, 11:23, Canada
I have never seen better quality Lesbian photos in my entire life. I search and search but never have I found such beautiful girls unedited! The videos! Ntohing much to say, just... WOW!! The pcitures are equally as good, I suggest buying before it's too late!!

2005 Dec 27, 20:50, New York City
The quality of the videos is really good but the girls are very generic. Also none of them speak any English. They seem like little French girls or something. The sex is very staged and vanilla also. This seems like a very cheap site. They should give a trial to test it out first instead of misleading you with foreigners.

2005 Dec 21, 19:34, Michigan
Beautiful young women, downloadable movies in multiple formats, plenty of sensuality (kissing, touching and the like) and plenty of hardcore action (including plenty of ass licking - a personal favorite of mine) make this my favorite site, not just of lesbians, but of any site. 10 out of 10 from me.

2005 Dec 19, 20:45, brantford
it just takes you by the clit and makes you come like the river

2005 Dec 11, 00:42, Michigan
After a while, I found that I had begun having 'favorites'---Jackie and Michelle, to mention two---who seemed TO ME to more than incidentally involved in their actions with other women: Very subtle, fleeting qualities of facial expression, spontaneous smiles and empathic little gestures and micro-caresses, an 'eagerness' in initiating usully-oral contacts with other women, the 'smiling eyes' as their eyes met the othe woman's eyes---I'm having trouble here describing subtle-but-unmistakable "genuineness" in their oral and tactile dealings with these other women. Beautiful to watch. Absolutely convincing (BEYOND mere 'wishful thinking' on my part), and I am meltingly envious of my favorites' inner makeup, emotional connection with the women they are involved with, and what I take to be dimensions of the female psyched unknowable to men...more's the pity. ....but at least we guys have Monday Night football.

2005 Dec 03, 14:07, Brighton
Forget the rest this is by far the best leslbian site on the internet natural girls with no fake boobs or fake sound. Just hot eastern eropean girls enjoying each other and great value for money and they now have HDF videos The pictures are high quality and can be saved as complete Zip file or you can select your own favorties to download as a Zip file. And the videos get better and better although is hard to beat linda,Jackie & Rene which has to be one of the most erotic have ever seen this video alone is worth one months membership.

2005 Dec 02, 18:28, New york
The New york Times-
Five Star Porn

2005 Dec 01, 14:36, miami
awesome content. dianne is my favorite!...(she's so frickin HOT!!!)
i give this site 2 dicks straight up!

2005 Dec 01, 14:28, Mississippi
Great content. Hot girls. Downloadable videos. High quality images. What more can i say?..... Did i mention the lesbian part? --really a great site!

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delicious lesbian action. like to see more 3 somes and 4 somes.

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2005 Nov 07, 09:19, California
This is an excellent site. The girls are natural and beautiful (I am completely in lust with Jackie), they look like they are enjoying themselves and the site is very easy to use. I have purchased several lesbian DVD's and haven't liked any of them as much as I have liked this site. I highly recommend it.

girl lover (male)
2005 Nov 05, 09:20, champaign, il
It's true! While some of the girls look like they are uncomfortable or posing, most (90%) are enjoying themselves (of course that they have to stay aware of the cameras' positions, and do things such that you can see). In my opinion, though, their "director"-friendlyness could be traded for even more spontaneous action, at the cost of not seeing everything. The guy with the camera (and director - at the same time - i'm assuming) should just be more dynamic and follow their natural course.

2005 Oct 16, 13:32, UK
yo this be Ali G with his lowdown of sapphic shit and shit. SO! Fuck dis site got me horny in no time and 'fore long I was boning my own share of Hungarian lesbos. Some SERIOUS reccomendation here for all you playas lookin to bust sum hoes, I tell you-all, RESPECT these bitches, aiite? K yo I'm out, keep it propa! PEACE.

2005 Oct 07, 22:32, australia
i really appreciate to this site

2005 Oct 01, 18:00, UK
The only porn site I have ever paid for. They are now using a bigger size for the widescreen videos: 960x540 for WMV and 400x224 for mpeg. The quality is superb. Full screen video on my 22 CRT looks almost as good as TV. The girls are incredible, (eastern european I guess as they are not English speakers or anything else I recognise immediatly). This is the first porn site I have seen in ages (or ever even) that is not degarding to women at all. (athough I am sure the Christian-Right would disagree). Just red hot girls having 20 minutes of genuine hardcore sex, with the scene unfolding as you watch. No plastic tits or pumped up lips. The best porn site on the net.

2005 Sep 20, 16:02, ca
i love it

Fuck Me
2005 Sep 16, 08:25, UK
sexy lesbians in high quality pics...

2005 Aug 30, 10:15, UK
FINALLY!!! Someone in the industry has done it right! To say this is the best lesbian porn/erotica I've come across in all my years of searching the internet and wasting money on b.s. sites would be an understatement. It simply annihilates the competition. Genuine HOT lesbians going at it like they should.
Hopefully other sites will take note.
2005 Aug 28, 18:57, colombia
very good

2005 Aug 26, 14:58, mi
this is my favorite lesbian site.

i am bisexual, and being a woman i dont find the unatural lesbian site pleasing. i love this site.

2005 Aug 25, 19:07, albertville, mn.
Most of them are having sex. They aren"t acting. It"s for real. The gals are
having fun. It's very erotic. There's nothing more sickening than a fake lesbian
I've been watching porn for thirty years and brother you've hit the mother load!
Keep up the excellent work!

2005 Aug 16, 02:09, lickyland
hardcore licking...

2005 Aug 14, 16:22, germany
high quality videos with really nice women

2005 Aug 11, 20:20, nebraska usa
Your best model by far is Jackie!!!!!!

shaun conkey
2005 Aug 07, 08:37, wales
being gay i dont really visit the site much, but ive been told theres some good shit going on on it

2005 Aug 06, 06:01, houston
fucking strong, very stong

2005 Aug 03, 12:28, k
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